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Interesting facts about human skin

Human skin performs many functions, giving people the opportunity to live comfortably. However, it is associated with a large number of interesting and entertaining facts.

In the XVII - XIX centuries for the design of books used binding, made of human skin. In most cases, this is how medical literature was created. In addition, copies of criminal cases of shot or hanged gangsters were often intertwined with their skin.

In ancient times, "skin" sounded like "goat." This word meant goat skin. Over the years, its importance began to expand. Now the word "skin" is commonly understood as the cover of the body of humans and animals.

The epidermis is the outermost and thickest skin layers. Its thickness at the sole of the foot is about 1.5 mm. The skin is able to be updated. For example, in adults, this process occurs every month, and in newborns - for 72 hours. The update is carried out due to the basal layer (the deepest part of the epidermis). Creatine is also located here. With its help, new cells are created that move to the surface of the epidermis, dry up, become flatter and lose the cell nucleus.

An interesting fact about human skin is that it contains melanin pigment. That it has an effect on the color of human skin. If this substance is present in small quantities, then the person will be bright.

At all times, the fashion for tanning was different. We all know that modern girls are very fond of a beautiful bronze tan. However, a few centuries ago, ladies preferred "pallor". To achieve the maximum effect, the girls did not eat anything a few days before the solemn event (for example, before the ball), strongly tightened the corset, ate chalk and drank vinegar mixed with water.

The lower layer of the skin is called subcutaneous. It contains fat, nerves, blood vessels, and hair follicles. If the skin cover is seriously damaged, then this layer tries to cure the wound. This is due to the creation of scar tissue. In other words, a scar appears. It is discolored and lacks hair and sweat glands.

If you look at the skin under a microscope, you can count several million cells, thousands of sensory areas, hundreds of sweat glands, as well as a dozen sebaceous glands per square centimeter.

For 1 day, the sebaceous glands form about 20 grams of fat. It mixes with sweat. As a result, a thin film is created. Its main task is to protect the skin from fungi and other problems.

Considering the interesting facts about human skin, it is necessary to note the reasons for its aging. The following are considered the most common: stressful situations, heredity, age, ultraviolet, etc.

The thinnest skin on the eyelids.

Round-shaped wounds heal much longer. This fact was established by doctors in ancient Greece. They concluded that it was necessary to specifically change the shape of the wound so that it would heal faster.

On the skin may be present from 20 to 100 moles. However, in some people their number can reach 450. Scientists believe that people who have a huge number of moles are less likely to face age-related diseases.

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Interesting facts about food

Every day, eating various foods, a person does not even realize that a lot of interesting and entertaining facts are connected with food.

A tomato is not a vegetable, as many people think, but a real fruit! In addition, it is the first plant that scientists have been able to genetically modify. After it began to appear a lot of modified products, recognized as safe for humans.

The amount of nutrients present in modern foods is much less than before. Experts studied the vegetables and fruits that we regularly eat, and came to the conclusion: the content of vitamin B2 decreased by 39%, calcium by 15% and proteins by 5%.

Even in ancient times, people knew some interesting facts about food. For example, that lemon juice can dissolve fish bones. It is for this reason that in ancient times fish was served to the table with a small slice of lemon.

If you do not want to undergo the "attack" of mosquitoes, then you should not eat a banana. Scientists have found that its smell attracts these nasty insects. To scare away mosquitoes, it is worth using garlic. It is from here that the legend has gone that with its help it is possible to scare away the bloodsucker Count Dracula.

Oysters are a unique product in which there are substances responsible for increasing sexual desire.

Smoking is one of the most common bad habits. People suffering from nicotine addiction, it is recommended to abandon carrots and tomatoes. The fact is that cigarette smoke can react with carotene, which makes it carcinogenic.

The price of 1 kilogram of chips is about 200 times more than 1 kilogram of potatoes.

Another interesting fact about food is that now people do not just eat, but also drink extra calories. Studies show that thirty years ago, the amount of calories drunk was less than about three times. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the popular sweet soda.

Many modern housewives decorate their dishes with parsley. Surprisingly, this tradition originated in ancient Rome. In those days, this plant caused people to associate with the devil and was considered an antidote for poisoning. When the owners added parsley to the food, it was regarded as a friendly attitude to the guests and a way to protect themselves from evil.

Caramel was invented by the Arabs. In ancient times, it was used as a means of depilation. It was allowed to use only the inhabitants of the harem.

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